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Here at Yorkshire Equine Rehabillitation we offer a range of facilities to ensure optimal comfort and wellbeing as well as to facilitate individualised recovery.


Our facilities:

Rubber matted stables 14 x 14

Field turnout with Horserail fencing (if this is suitable)

Barn turnout

Arena turnout

Arena with poles

Long rein track



Tack/feed/rug room

387542141_687888476610555_5680466591389375148_n (1)_edited.jpg


14 ft x 14 ft well ventilated rubber matted stable with surplus straw and ad-lib hay or haylage. Shavings can be used but clients must provide this. 

Each stable has a built in feed trough to accomodate for neck/spinal injuries but we can also feed from the floor.


Field turnout

Horserail flat field turnout is provided during the day for appropriate lengths of time depending on the case and what the veterinarian recommends and if they deem it suitable.

Long rein track

Two mile long hand-walking and long-reining tracks with inclines and declines in the stunning countryside of North Yorkshire.



12 m x 27m sand and rubber arena with poles to perform dynamic remedial exercise and used for isolated turnout.

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